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I've moved on ✌️

 Hey its still sinful Sunday, and I'm meeting the deadline by the seat of my pants. Since you're already here to see my dirty pic let me quickly tell you the story behind it. Yes it involves a bastard whore of a man, the ruiners of everything. Let me try to fit 5 years into a very short paragraph. I met Isaac at the porn store I worked at 5 or 6 years ago. We have had a lot of mostly amazing sex since then. Oh he's a super closeted bi sexual. During the first year of the pandemic he looked me up after staying away for a year. Feelings sometimes show their ugly faces.  (EXPLAIN FASTER!!) Last week he called every night to "hang out". He was even kinda sweet at times.  (we are not dating. I have a partner I'll never leave and He spent his late teens /early 20's in prison for murder and that likely helps explain a closeted 43yo in 2021.)  So I fucked him all last week. It was a amazing. The other night I texted a what's up and I get "I've moved o
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At the foot of my bed

It's time for another Sinful Sunday photo. I was just playing around with some Halloween costume ideas and then my mind drifted off to naked pictures and I started playing around with different light sources and here is what  became of all that I don't like to admit my fears, especially in the dark of night and I am writing this just past midnight on Sunday, but I have always had a fear of anything at the foot of my bed. Like, I'm getting chills and my eyes are watering like they do anytime talk turns to things of the supernatural. Ughh. I'm just going to throw in another version is playing around with with a heavy focus on the editing process. This is not my official entry, just a bonus picture.  Go see what else is being offered up on  Sinful Sunday

L is for A Left - handed stroke

 For the Sinful Sunday monthly prompt we were just given the letter L and  needed to post a picture to go along with it. So L is for a Left-handed Stroke, which for a right handed person such as myself is a pretty rare thing. I never would have had a reason to go to the left side if it wasn't for a nasty fall on some icy stairs coming home from a beer run sometime in the early 2000's. I landed on my wrist and it hurt like a mother F-er. But still, Thinking it was only a sprain, I waited a month before going to the doctor.  After finding out it was indeed broken I spent the better part of 6 months in a cast. Oh... The wrist that was no longer in use was my right. Long story short, I can pull out the left handed stroke when it is needed. Go check out what L means to my fellow sinners at 

American Gothic

 I forgot to get a sinful Sunday picture together this week so I went looking at my extensive back catalogue of NSFW pictures to try and find  one that was maybe more arty and less porny.  I had what Oprah might call an aha moment when I realized probably 30% of my phone's storage is being taken up by dick pics. My own dick pics.  My dick rarely does anything new and exciting so what's with all those dick pics buddy?  Seriously. I also found shelf after figurative shelf of failed sinful Sunday ideas. Some were bad (99% of the stuff involving a selfie in the mirror). Others were real bad (so many attempts at being "so edgy" involving my cock and a crucifix. I believe I was saying something about religions outdated patriarchical attitudes towards sex. Or something about being hung liked Jesus. (You pick.)  A few were like little goth teens trying way to hard to tell me they obviously belonged in the horror genre, I'll start posting them in October, when decent God f

True colors- Sinful Sunday

 I was playing around with a few photo ideas i had, the majority were perfect for Halloween, but posting them now is just a little bit too early  so here is the other one.... Lol. There's always a lot of really great submissions from bloggers who take much better photos than me. Check them out at  Sinful Sunday

Hold on to me

 There is no prompt for me to follow this Sunday, but i actually really liked pairing my Sinful Sunday photo with some lyrics. So I'm gonna do it again.  The sung is "Hold on to Me" by the most divisive, yet hardest rocking maligned woman if the 90's Courtney Love. Hey, this life is never fair The angels that you need are never there But sometimes he comes to me In the dead of winter, dead of night He's all that I can see Hold on to me Aaahhh Hold on to me Wanna see some cool naughty pics? Of course you do. Go to  Sinful Sunday  right now.

Mannequin-the sinful Sunday photo prompt

 It's time. Are. You. Ready. For The Sinful Sunday Prompt?  I've been ready for the last two weeks considering I've posted a picture with the direction "create a picture based on some song lyrics " for the past two Sundays because i don't follow directions.   Well, i did a third lyric challenge. Wanna see it? Wanna hear it? Here it goes... From the song Mannequin by Cretin ( i don't know who they are, I just liked the lyrics.) An old man's at the department store  But he's not shopping today  Stroking mannequins with wrinkled hands. He clumsily masturbates. Stealing plastic. Uh Go see what other sinners have sung up, if you dare at